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What To Look For In A CD Replication Service

When you are searching for CD replication services, there are a few important things to look for in a service provider. Of course, you want to find a CD replication company that has years of experience in their industry, to ensure that their products will raise the reputation of your business rather than lowering it. You also want to find a CD replication company that provides excellent customer service, with a lot of repeat customers under their belt. But that’s not all.

One of the most important things to look for in a CD replication service provider is cutting edge technology. They should be able to provide comprehensive pre-mastering, mastering, and replication services for all CD formats. CD replication companies should also have the ability to copy protect your discs. Most companies use a laser beam recording machine to transfer digital information onto a glass master, which is then developed and activated. The CD replication technicians transfer the master disc to a bath to grow a stamper, which is used to replicate the discs. If they only use glorified CD burners, they are not providing the best service.

CD replication companies should also provide top-notch quality control techniques, such as testing replicated discs bit-for-bit against the original, and the discs should also be played in a variety of drives and players to make sure they function properly. No amount of quality control can make up for a CD replication service that lacks creativity, though, with options for different disc shapes such as business cards. CD replication companies should also provide packaging services and even creative artwork options

From products to promotions, you can use CD replication to put your business ahead of the competition and enhance the overall image of your brand. As long as you work with a company that has experience in this field and can offer the most advanced services available, it should be a complete success for you and your business.



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