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The Professional DVD Replication Process

DVD replication is a process that people use when they need a large number of exact copies that are made from a master copy. DVD replication services are the most cost effective method for this process, though, since most individuals and businesses do not have the equipment to do it in-house. And only individuals or businesses that created their own material or have copyright permission from the creator can use DVD replication services, since they are making exact replications.
There are four key stages in the DVD replication process, which can all be completed by a professional service:
After receiving a master copy from the customer, the DVD replication services will create a glass master that they can make stampers out of. The process of creating the stampers is very complex, and involves baths where the stampers are grown on to the glass master copy. DVD replication services understand the galvanics process that is used to create this first stamper, though, which they often refer to as the “father.” As the DVD replication process continues, the next stampers to come off the glass master are like the next of kin, starting with the father stamper, continuing to the mother, and so on.

The family of stampers is a very important part of the DVD replication process; because they are used on the injection molding lines to physically press the replicated discs, so they truly are exact copies. During the injection molding part of the DVD replication process the discs are molded and stamped, and then they pass down the injection molding line where each disc is individually metalized, giving it the shiny appearance. Then they are all coated with a protective layer, UV-cured, and tested for imperfections.

This is not quite the end of the DVD replication process, though. After the discs come off the line, the DVD replication services print text or graphics on the surface, and they can usually package them, too.
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