VE Associates has received many awards and accolades from its satisfied customers. We invite you to read below just some of the testimonials written by our clients themselves.

 "Have you ever heard the song, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours, by Stevie Wonder, Well these are great lyrics for VE Associates. Most important, they are about customer service and always make you feel like you are number one. They have a win, win business culture, offer competitive pricing and excellent quality. They have been our supplier for 16 years and we continue to use them in many facets of our business from marketing materials, product assembly to finished products and enjoy working them. They are definitely a professional, dynamic and astute group of people and company."
PADI Worldwide Corporation

"We search for vendors and partners that both understand and emulate Ketel One’s commitment to quality and consistency; and VE Associates does exactly that.  As a result, we have worked with VE Associates on multiple replication projects throughout the years.  Whether the project has been large or small the team at VE Associates has treated each project with the same amount of attention and priority.   We find their pricing very competitive and have been pleased with the quality of projects. We continue to turn to VE Associates for all of our replication needs."
Nolet Spirits U.S.A. / Ketel One

"Every company should follow in Ve Associates footsteps. Their product output is of high quality and their prices are better than competitive. More importantly, Ve Associates provides excellent customer support. Candice Gore, Andi Ells, Andrew Spencer and Erica Bradley are on top of their game. Excellent communication, attention to detail, immediate feedback, follow-up, advice; they do it all. Behind every good company are the good people who make it so. The personal attention is what keeps me going back to Ve."
Christian Science Publishing Society

"VE Associates has proven to be a reliable partner in the reproduction needs of Purpose Driven Ministries. They have consistently been able to take our resource masters and efficiently manage the production specifications following every detail of instruction all the way through to delivery."
Purpose Driven Ministries

"Hosanna is a world wide ministry organization supplying the Bible in Audio form in more than 250 languages. VE Associates has been providing quality CD and DVD replication for projects from 1,000 to 100,000 pieces. The product is consistently of the highest quality and the customer service has always been excellent. I would recommend their services based on the satisfaction we have received from our business relationship."

"VE Associates has again proven to be a company that can deliver high quality materials quickly. With the Worlwide Diagnostic System In-dealer Training Kit there was very little time available for development. However, VE Associates accepted the challenge and literally worked day and night to make sure the job got done on time. Their dedication is astounding.

In addition to the time constraint was the need to shoot additional video to share the Mazda Distribution in Europe. This was the first time Mazda North American Operations has shared development with other Mazda companies. VE Associates coordinated this effort flawlessly and produced a show that both the North American and European markets can use with confidence.

Mazda is very satisfied with VE Associates performance and looks forward to working with them in the future."
Mazda North American Operations

"My name is david bailey.  I've been a full time singer-songwriter for over 11 years and just finished my 17th CD. Yeah.  I know... 17 is a bit much.   But, it's been possible ini no small part because of the folks at VE Associates who have become friends.  Here's the funny thing - I have no idea what VE stands for.  I never thought to ask And 'Associates' at first sounds like a legal firm, but just for fun, I looked up the definition of Associates: 
transitive verb1: to join as a partner, friend, or companion 
Bingo.   I joined VE associates as a client, but stayed with them because they joined me as a partners, friends, and companions.  It's easy to find a company that wants your business.  It's not easy to find friends who really want to help YOU as you do business.   Check them out.   You''ll soon know them all by name and quickly learn why I'll be doing CD number 18 withthem as well :-)"
david m. bailey

"Over the past two years I have had the good fortune of working with VE Associates as a customer. Because mass video duplication/replication is a key component to the success of our operation, we rely on VE Associates to duplicate tens of thousands of videos we distribute annually. Their quality is reliable, and among the highest in the industry. In addition, their service has been consistent and dependable over time.

On occasion I have called up the technical expertise of VE Associates to problem-solve or trouble-shoot unusual situations. In each case the information has been helpful and informative. The affiliation with VE Associates has proven to be a great asset to our business. I already recommend VE to my friends, so without hesitation i recommend them to you."
Glidewell Laboratories

"VE Associates is a first rate company! I’ve been delighted with their high quality, exceptional service, quick turnarounds and competitive pricing. Beyond that, they have a special ability to connect with their clients. Over the years, I’ve felt more like a friend than a customer. I will never go to anyone else for my replication. I strongly encourage you to try the services of VE Associates! They will earn your trust quickly and manage your account with integrity and care."
Audio 31 Music

"As an Indie Recording Artist, I get hit up by a lot of companies trying to get me to use their replication services. I went through several bad experiences getting charged way too much and receiving a marginal product with terrible service. I've worked with VE Associates for years now and couldn't be happier. Candice and Andrew have been very helpful, incredibly easy and fun to work with, and I can't find better prices anywhere. My orders are always on time, a top quality product, and they've even helped me out when I needed things rushed a bit. Good people, great pricing and excellent service...VE gets my business every time!"
Andy Allen www.andyallen.com

"VE Associates is the real thing. They commit to our projects like partners - are courteous, responsive and professional with delivery we bank on. VE Associates is the best duplication resource around. We know because we’ve tried them all.”
Edward Knotts Creative

"My company has been dealing with VE Associates for the last 6 years. Over this time, we have had numerous orders that were run through VE, all with out a missed delivery date. They have turned around 100,000 piece orders in record time and by doing so, have made A-VIDD look like heroes in the eyes of our customers."

"Dear VE,

It is my pleasure to inform you that the MY 200 M-Class "Enjoy" video, "Explore" audio cassette, and kit package was greated with a great deal of enthusiasm by both the US and Rest of World markets. We would like to take this opportunity to thank VE Associates for all their effort, encouragement, and support throughout this rigorous and seemingly unattainable project.

The entire project team performed beyond all expectations by working exceptionally hard to make the video the success that it has become. The team seemed to have an unlimited amount of energy and held firmly to the conviction of doing things right the first time. It is fair to say that without your project team, the complete package would not have been nearly as successful as it was.

In thirty days, we managed to produce a 30 minute 35mm film production, a 30 minute audio cassette, design and develope all the packaging, and begin duplication of 115,000 completed kits. What more is there to say! Together we have achieved the improbable.

We are looking forward to a repeat performance. It has been a joy working with such a talented team.”

Mercedes-Benz U.S.

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