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Hip Hop Rap Producer. From the fresh unplugged to authentic urban grooves, from dirty South to the gritty East Coast sounds, the production team delivers the energy your tracks demand!

Go2Audio. The Web's biggest directory of sites related to audio, including hi-fi and home theater, pro audio, the audio and music industries, Internet and broadcast radio.

AudioWorld: Daily news about all aspects of audio, including professional audio, home recording, high-end and consumer hi-fi, home theater, car sound and the audio/music industries. The "Yahoo!" of Audio!

Audio Recording Center. Your resource for analog, digital, home demo, sound software, studios and other recording information.

Monster Demos. London-based monsterDEMOS is a full-service music production company serving  songwriters, artists, producers, publishers and record labels worldwide.

Studio 1 Productions - Provides you with high quality products for the film and video industry.

Want to get some awesome recording software - Trick out your home studio? Find a recording studio? See Audio Recording Center.

Find out about the Music Industry at Music Business - Producer, with the dirt on record labels, music lawyers, producers, and more.

Silver Eagle Software - Find mp3 splitter, mp3 split soft, mp3 joiner, mp3 trim, mp3 cutter, and mp3 split software here.

Future Sounds Studios - Recording studio including audio cd mastering. Learn any instrument, great teachers, the studio offers all lessons.

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