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Duplicating While Conforming To The Law

We can all remember a time when we used to furiously download music from sites such as Napster and Kazaa and then quickly duplicate the music onto discs. Well, with most of the music sites going the legal way these days, individuals need to be careful about the music that they "burn."

CD duplication is one of the easiest and probably most convenient ways to make multiple copies of a disc. But what happens when the information on the disc is copyrighted? Is it still okay to make multiple copies of this disc and pass it on to a lot of people? Well, these are the questions that the music industry is grappling with. The laws and regulations that have been put in place to govern CD duplication are complex and vary from state to state.

One way that an individual can avoid any problems with CD duplication is by utilizing the services of a CD duplication company. Staff members at the company will be able to instruct you as to whether you are complying with the Copyright Act as you duplicate information from one disc to several other discs.

For those individuals who are involved in CD duplication at home it is suffice to know that when they use their CD duplication software for duplicating CDs for their own use from their computer or from CD's which belong to them, then the CD duplication is considered a backup or fair use. However, if they are making multiple copies of a commercial CD for distribution to friends or more importantly for sale to the general public then they need to ensure that they have copyright permission to do so.

Most CD duplication software that is available these days are 'general purpose' in that it will allow someone to duplicate many different types of files. However, with this type of software, there is usually a level of compromise when it comes to quality. Always make sure that you stay within your legal rights.

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