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Deciding Between Short Run And Long Run Cd Replication

When it comes to CD replication there are several choices that individuals as well as groups need to make. In the case of an amateur music group, the first thing that group needs to choose is a high quality audio CD replication California service. This is imperative to the success of the CD. The group also needs to make sure that the music CD replication California service has a mastering engineer who can help equalize the volume on the different sound tracks and edit the music to sound pleasant.

The music group then needs to decide between short run CD duplication and long run CD replication. Short run CD duplication refers to the process by which only 500 copies are made of the disc. The music group need s to remember that CD duplication is the process by which the contents of a disc are copied onto multiple other discs at a very high speed.

Long run CD replication on the other hand refers to the process of creating more than 500 discs at one time. The process of creating the other music CDs is also different in the case of CD replication. In this process a glass master is first created from it a mould is created that is covered in reflective material, and then stamped with the data.

Long run CD replication on the long run is cheaper than short run CD duplication. The end product of CD replication is also of a higher quality.

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