CD Printing Options

There are many options of CD printing that one can choose when the time comes in the CD replication process.  Silkscreen printing is a cost-effective method of CD printing for larger quantities of CDs or DVDs involved in the CD replication process. Or, if a person prefers for a larger order, they can get disc imprinting.  Depending on the size of the project, there can be a different printing process that will work

Silkscreen printing is a great way to save money on smaller, simpler orders. The artwork being copied is transferred onto films of up to five colors; each color being on a separate film. These different color films are used as 'stencils' across a screen, with the colored inks applied through them, onto the surface of the CD or DVD. The silkscreen printing process is one of the simplest methods of printing multiple CDs at a time in CD duplication. Even though silkscreen printing can produce many CDs at a time, the resulting finish can produce very vivid colors, and is especially effective at reproducing spot colors (Pantone). CD silkscreen printing is most effective with simple designs of few colors.

Disc imprinting is the same process as silkscreen printing, except it is referred to for larger orders. It is the most common high-volume commercial CD printing technique, with a wide variety of applications. This process allows for highly detailed photographic images and small text to be applied to the media in great quantities.

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