CD Printing Methods

There are different methods of CD printing that will be specific to certain types of projects. For example, smaller projects with fewer colors will probably benefit the best from simple silkscreen printing.  However, more detailed projects will benefit more from disc imprinting or better yet, offset printing.  Through either CD printing methods of silkscreen printing and offset printing, the quality is clear and precise. With the different methods of CD printing, a person should know and understand what each process entails in order to get the best quality product possible. 

Silkscreen printing is available for very low costs.  The process is simple enough that thousands of CDs can be printed in a small amount of time. With silkscreen printing, different colors are stenciled into different films.  As the CD passes through, each color is stenciled and printed out in that individual color. Once the CD is printed, a final coat is added to the CD, making it a complete CD. Silkscreen printing is simple and can easily produce multiple copies at one time. For large orders, the process is known as disc imprinting. 

Offset printing basically acts as a stamp.  A master plate is created with the design of the CD, which is then transferred to rubber stamps, which imprint the design directly onto the CD. Offset printing is typically used for more formal projects and larger orders. With offset printing, projects can be printed in high detail and will consistently be a high quality product.

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