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Authoring a Home Video

Even for a home video to be enjoyed properly by family and friends, DVD authoring is necessary. Since this is a fairly complex process there are a number of DVD menu authoring California companies that can assist parents in the task.

Since there are a few thousand CD DVD duplication and CD DVD replication companies in California, choosing one for the task of DVD authoring can be arduous. Individuals need to ask their family and friends for recommendations of CD DVD replication companies.

DVD authoring is the process of adding menu, sub menus and background images to the DVD. The DVD authoring services in Los Angeles can turn an amateur home video into a professional looking video. The authored DVD will have menus on it just as a professional movie disc has on it. The advantage of this is that parents and even friends can jump to a particular scene or chapter.

Since DVD authoring and DVD burning go hand in hand most DVD menu authoring California companies will also do DVD duplication. DVD duplication is the process by which the contents of a DVD are copied onto multiple other blank DVDs at a fairly fast pace. Each disc that is made from the original is an exact replica.

Amateur filmmakers should choose a DVD duplication service that also offers short run DVD duplication. This is the process by which less than 500 DVDs are created from the original. This process is usually economical.

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