Advantages of Offset Printing

The crude printing processes of yester-year are now part of a bygone era. The printing technologies available today give quick, affordable and high-quality prints.

Today’s cutthroat competition demands both quantity and quality at the same time, and you can’t afford to settle for something “that will just have to do” anymore. As a result offset printing is the printing process of choice to accommodate these types of pressing demands.

The process of offset printing is a more efficient and refined operation when it comes to generating prints. This process of offset printing is also the most common and practical printing process used by commercial printers because it adequately meets the standards of a desirable print. At times, the offset printing method will actually surpass these standards.

The process of offset printing is found to dispense high-volume prints that are also made in high caliber, in a short time. The process of offset printing is widely used for personal, commercial or corporate use as well. The multitude of products and services you can acquire through offset printing include printing business cards, brochures, catalogs, calendars, flyers, postcards and posters, as well as many others.

The offset printing process involves using multiple rollers and cylinders, wherein the plate doesn’t come in direct contact with the paper. The inks are “offset” onto a rubber blanket that will then print the image onto the paper.

The offset printing process produces prints that have a great degree of clarity and detail. The process of offset printing does this so efficiently because the rubber blanket conforms to the paper, adhering to the surface of the paper effectively, whatever the texture of the paper. Added to this the whole process of offset printing makes the paper more absorbent to the ink, and all of these combined contribute to generating images and text that are defined and intense.

The offset printing process obtains chromaticity for the prints. The integration of a four color printing process renders the prints to be layered with multiple colors. This will make for truly rich and vivid colors that can capture a large variety of hues and tones. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black create a kaleidoscopic array of color possibilities for your prints. CMYK is especially important when the contrast or brightness of colors on images must be observed in order to preserve its integrity. Any visual arresting posters or postcards can now truly enjoy a range of colors that bursts through the print with the aid of the offset printing process.

The process of offset printing is a very accurate one as well, because the inks only come into contact with the areas that need to be printed. The non-printing areas are covered with a thin film of water that will repel any ink if it were to come in contact with it.

The process of offset printing is designed to produce volumes of prints and it does this without forsaking quality in the process. In just a few days time, you can have thousands of prints right in the palm of your hand ready for distribution. Each print will be the same as the other, thus maintaining consistency and the quality every time.

Anyone who will use the offset printing process for their printing needs will undoubtedly benefit from it. Having your designs and printing projects made through offset printing will make you understand the kind of quality it will give you. Also, by using the offset printing process any printing project will surely come out the way you had planned it to be.

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